Wine Club

Be Adventurous on Your Wine Journey

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Serious wine lovers can take their love of wine to a new level with Apollo Beach Wine Bar wine club memberships. Ranging from $40 to $80 per month, memberships provide two to four bottles of hand-picked wine selections available for pickup at your local Society Wine Bar.

These memberships have various levels:

  • Wine Lover – $40 per month (Includes One White & One Red)
  • Wine Aficionado – $50 per month (Includes Two Reds)
  • Wine Connoisseur – $65 per month (Includes One White & Two Reds)
  • Wine Snob – $80 per month (Includes Two Whites & Two Reds)

Monthly wine club members have exclusive access to unique selections and the chance to try great wines at a fraction of the price. Membership also includes reduced admission costs to our wine fests and other special wine-centric local events.

This exclusive club sets Apollo Beach Wine Bar apart from the typical wine or liquor store. If you are more adventurous in your wine journey and love to explore, share and pair new wines, our monthly wine club is ideal for you.