Wine Bar

Explore one of the largest wine menus in the nation

Apollo Beach Wine Bar features one of the biggest wine lists in the country. We pack an impressive list that goes beyond the 25 or 30 wines by the glass offered at typical restaurants. We make wine approachable and fun! Our eclectic boutique presentation and groupings on our menu make the wine selection process fun and educational for wine lovers on the many varietals of wine available. We also group our menu by price.

No matter what your palate or price point, you can take a trip around the world with wine at Apollo Beach Wine Bar, whether it’s through a fresh and fruit-forward glass of Garnacha from the Spanish region of La Rioja, or a King Rabbit Malbec from Pays d’Oc, France. We also feature wines from top U.S. vineyards in Napa Valley and Washington State. Our extensive wine menu lists more than 200 reasonably priced boutique wines available by the glass or by the bottle.

Additionally, we offer a Coravin menu with premium wine selections that are all served with our signature aerator — which allows us to open a bottle of wine without uncorking it. This method ensures our premium wines have no oxidation, preserving the integrity of the wine with optimum care.

We also offer an impressive assortment of 100 domestic and international craft beers, ranging from Pilsners to Belgium Bombers for the discriminating beer geek.